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Oct 18, 2018

There is a rise in obesity and the problem is with diets.

Roger discusses the concept of getting healthy by eating all you want as well as dealing with stress and food cravings. The secret starts with eating healthy REAL foods and eliminating JUNK.

Oct 18, 2018

In this special episode, Roger Drummer discusses the concept of Hope and Healing with his good friend Dave Johnson.

Roger and Dave have both experienced miraculous healing from cancer by using the ketogenic diet, as well as natural therapies.

Learn all about the process they used to heal themselves and how they feel it...

Oct 5, 2018

We all have the ability to create miracles, it’s just about putting yourself into the proper position to do so.

Learn about cases of miraculous health changes from altering your personal environment, as well as using herbs, diet, and meditation.

The universe is just an energetic grid that moves when the opportunity...

Sep 26, 2018

The entire diabetes and obesity epidemic in America is a result of faulty science used to promote the sales of certain foods, drugs, and even diets.

Roger Drummer discusses the claim of coconut oil being a poison that was recently "proven" by a Harvard scientist.

Unfortunately, this kind of scientific bias and the...

Sep 21, 2018

Did you know that you can stimulate your own body’s amazing cleansing process called autophagy?  

One of the main benefits of a juice cleansing is that it can have a great benefit to how your liver processes carcinogens and other toxins. 

Sometimes the liver just needs a break and a good juice fast focused on greens...